Accommodations in Vang Vieng

If you travel to Vang Vieng, of course you need a suitable accommodation. Fortunately, it’s not difficult in Vang Vieng to find one. Most of the accommodations are located right in the town center and in the low price segment. That means you practically always can count on a good location and don’t have to spend much per night. We would like to introduce you to some good accommodations in Vang Vieng, of which we have also stayed in a few. In addition to cheap accommodation, there are also some more expensive ones in Vang Vieng. These are primarily the high-class hotels and some resorts. However, the latter are rather outside the town center. If you stayed in one of the Vang Vieng accommodations in our list, feel free to write a review and tell us and the readers about your experiences. Every additional accommodation review contributes to the value of this article.

Hotels in Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng is a rather small but very touristy town in the mountains. That’s why there are logically many hotels. Even during the season, you shouldn’t have any problems finding a accommodation. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to book in advance to get better prices and don’t miss your dream accommodation. No matter what type of hotel you’re looking for, you’ll definitely find it in Vang Vieng.  A big advantage is that most of the hotels in Vang Vieng have a pool. So you won’t have to pay much to get a hotel with a pool. Most hotels are reasonably priced. However, there are also some higher-priced options if you want more luxury.

Amari Vang Vieng

For you, the price hasn’t priority and you simply want the best? Then the Amari Vang Vieng is probably the right choice for you. The hotel offers very modern and nicely decorated rooms. But their highlight is the view. In the rooms you’ve a direct view of  the mountains and the Nam Song River. And let us tell you one thing … the view is breathtaking! That alone is a reason why the Amari Vang Vieng is worth the money. As befits a hotel in this price range, you can count on an excellent service and everything is clean. Great conditions for feeling good. Good value for a high-priced hotel.

Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng

Another high-priced option and undisputed one of the best hotels in Vang Vieng. The Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng is located on the banks of the Nam Song River and offers a high level of comfort and luxury. Some amenities of the hotel are the elegant architecture of the French colonial style, the wonderful outdoor pool, a very good breakfast and a great view.

Inthira Vangvieng

The outside of the hotel is one of the main reasons to make a booking. Inthira Vangvieng offers a garden and an outside area with seating by the river. If you just want to relax and enjoy the beauty of Vang Vieng, the hotel is a valid option. There are several room options, the best of which offers an excellent level of luxury. A wonderful view is also included here. So you will feel good every time you get up and look out.

Vang Vieng Central Park Hotel

A cheap  and centrally located hotel in close proximity to night life. Offers breakfast and an outdoor pool. A good option if you’s looking for a classic hotel with all the essentials and not considering a high-priced hotel. The Vang Vieng Central Park Hotel is amongst the most popular ones due to his location. We’ve stayed there ourselves and can confirm that the location is really good. No matter whether you want to eat, party or book a tour. The hotel staff are friendly and helpful. If you’ve a problem, just let them know.

The Elephant Crossing Hotel

A riverside hotel with a nice style. The Elephant Crossing Hotel is an apartment hotel with wooden floors and furniture. If you want to stay in a real apartment during your vacation in Vang Vieng, we can highly recommend this hotel. The price of the apartments is okay. Especially since there are room options where breakfast is already included.

Silver Naga Hotel

You should know the Silver Naga Hotel because it’s one of the cheapest high-class hotels. The hotel offers among other things a rooftop pool, nicely furnished rooms and a delicious breakfast. Depending on the room option you also get an amazing view. Furthermore, you can easily change money in the hotel. There’s a currency exchange on site.

Vang Vieng Galaxy Hotel

If you’re looking for a cozy and affordable hotel, the Vang Vieng Galaxy Hotel is always a good option.  The hotel impresses with its pleasant atmosphere, a pool and a decent breakfast. The rooms are really well equipped. There are many amenities that will enhance your stay. Including a flat-screen TV. Rightly a popular hotel.

Vang Vieng Victory Hotel

Probably one of the best hotels in Vang Vieng in terms of value for money. You get a decent service at a reasonable price. In addition to beautifully furnished and clean rooms, you can look forward to a pool, a bar and delicious food. All rooms of the Vang Vieng Victory Hotel offer an excellent view, even if you choose one of the cheaper room options. Due to the hotels popularity it can be difficult to get a room  in the high season.

Guesthouses in Vang Vieng

As a rule, you can assume that guesthouses are cheaper than hotels. This is also the case in Vang Vieng, but doesn’t apply to all accommodations. Occasionally the rooms in a guesthouse may be more expensive than in a hotel. It always depends on the accommodation, the available rooms, the season and other factors. Basically, however, you can assume that you’ll find cheap rooms in a guesthouse. No matter if its a room in a dormitory or a private single/double room. There are plenty of options in Vang Vieng. Including some really great ones. We were surprised often how much you can get for little money.

V V guesthouse

This hotel is the right choice if you’re looking for a guest house right next to the nightlife.  The V V guesthouse is located very close to some famous bars, including the Reggae Bar and the Viva Pub. That’s also the reason why we chose this guesthouse, when we came here to party. You hardly can get a better accommodation if you just want to have a spot close to the nightlife. You get a private room for a reasonable price. The employees are always very friendly and helpful. If you need something specific, just ask at the reception. Overall, a really relaxed atmosphere. In our opinion one of the best guesthouses in Vang Vieng. We can really recommend it.

Maylay Guesthouse

Maylay Guesthouse is a famous accommodation in Vang Vieng. It offers private rooms for reasonable prices. As with other accommodations, these can be more expensive during the season. The guesthouse is located near the river. You only need a few minutes to walk over there. Breakfast is included when booking a room.

Popular View Guesthouse

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a room with a great view at this guesthouse. There are both city and river view rooms. However, the most sought-after rooms are often fully booked during the season. So it’s advisable to book early. Especially since the Popular View Guesthouse is a relatively cheap option for a private room. There’s a supermarket and ATM in the immediate vicinity.

Vang Vieng Sunset Guesthouse

The owners of the guesthouse are very accommodating and helpful. You get good service at a reasonable price. Vang Vieng Sunset Guesthouse is a known accommodation in the town. Especially since breakfast is included in the price. Good value for money.

Maylyn Guest House

Rightly one of the most popular guesthouses in Vang Vieng. Maylyn Guest House offers a beautiful garden with a beautiful view, an in-house bar and restaurant and comfortably furnished rooms. All rooms are private rooms. Breakfast is available at an additional cost. Since the hotels breakfast is really good, we recommend paying the surcharge.

Hostels in Vang Vieng

Hostels are an interesting option, especially for solo travelers who like to party with other people. For little money it’s possible to get a room in a dormitory or a small private room with shared bathroom. There are really many good hostels in Vang Vieng. Of course, a lot, which are geared towards the needs of backpackers. If you can imagine staying in such an accommodation, you’ll have no problem finding a cheap room in Vang Vieng. For party-loving solo travelers, who want to save some money, we can recommend this option. When it comes to two people, however,  a private room is often cheaper than two beds in a hostels dormitory.

Nana Backpackers Hostel

We can confirm that Nana Backpackers Hostel does what it says on the tin. If you want to party with a lot of people, this hostel is a wonderful choice. There’s always something going on. Especially in the high season you can prepare yourself for an unforgettable party. Since the hostel is a popular destination for party-loving backpackers, you can also expect that some people will be here in the off-season. The hostel has a pool and offers different types of private rooms and very affordable beds in dormitories.

Vangvieng Rock Backpacker Hostel

Vangvieng Rock Backpacker Hostel offers private rooms and beds in different dormitories, including female-only dorms. If you’re looking for a cheap bed that even includes breakfast, this hostel could be a good choice for you. The atmosphere is very pleasant and friendly. Luckily, the hostel is close to the river. You only have to walk a piece. All in all a nice hostel with a own bar to get going early.

Vang Vieng Freedom View

Vang Vieng Freedom View is also known as Vang Vieng Freedom Hostel. The property offers both private and dormitory rooms. There are also female-only dorms and private rooms with a good view. Some hostel amenities include a pool table, a restaurant near the Sakura Bar, and a varied breakfast. If you’re traveling with a pet, you may be able to take it with you. The hostel is basically pet friendly. So just call and tell them your request. There may be a (free) possibility.

Easy go backpacker hostel

A popular hostel in Vang Vieng that offers affordable beds in dormitories as well as private rooms. You can play pool, drink some cocktails at the bar, watch movies, rent a bike or book a tour. A decent hostel in terms of value for money. May be fully booked during some travel times. You should like the atmosphere. The staff in particular has a great reputation.

Outland Hostel Vang Vieng

The Outland Hostel Vang Vieng is not a classic hostel. There are no beds in dormitories, only private rooms with private bathrooms. As it should be for a hostel, the prices are relatively cheap. For a private room with a bathroom, you pay more at most other accommodations. If you’re not a fan of dormitories and still don’t want to spend much for your accommodation, we can recommend you to book a room in this hostel.

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