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chinese restaurant tofu

Chinese, Koreans and Vietnamese are among the most common minorities in Vang Vieng. Mostly of them are big families who have their own accommodations and restaurants. So it goes without saying that there is also Chinese food in Vang Vieng. There may be even more in the future as Laos and China have a good relationship, since China is helping the country to build its economy and infrastructure. However, restaurants that are only run by Chinese are still relatively rare but there are also Laotians who sell Chinese food. After all, Chinese food is very popular in Southeast Asia. Well, if you really want to enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine, you should visit the typical Chinese restaurants.

Chinese food in restaurants

If you like Chinese food, be sure to go to one of the larger Chinese restaurants in Vang Vieng. It’s worth it. There is even a restaurant where you can eat mapo doufu. Unfortunately, we forgot the name and we couldn’t find out which restaurant it was. However, what we can tell you is that in front of the restaurant is a sign with pictures of several Chinese dishes. One of those dishes is mapo doufu. We can really recommend the restaurant. Their mapo doufu is really delicious. Of course there are also other delicious Chinese dishes you can eat in the restaurants, that’s just our personal favorite. For example there is a variety of noodles, soups and rice dishes.

spicy meat soup

Where to find Chinese food in Vang Vieng

It’s not difficult to find Chinese restaurants in Vang Vieng. Just look for red signs with Chinese characters. Yes, not all Chinese restaurants use red signs with Chinese characters for advertising. Still, a lot of them do. Their out-of-home advertising is usually fairly good. That will help you to spot them. If you don’t mind that your Chinese food isn’t prepared by the Chinese, you can just take a look around the street. There are a lot of street stalls selling Chinese dishes. Not to mention the small Laotian restaurants, which often also have Chinese noodles on offer.

Cost of Chinese food in Vang Vieng

If you limit yourself to street food, you’ll generally not pay more for Chinese dishes than for Lao dishes. If you go to the larger restaurants, it’s a whole different story. The food is still not expensive but more expensive than on the street or if you go eat at Lao restaurants. Still, the cost of Chinese food in Vang Vieng isn’t high. Of course, it depends on what you order. Some dishes are more expensive than others.

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