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When it comes to foreign food, the Korean restaurants undoubtedly dominate. There are many more than even French restaurants. Considering that Laos was a former French colony, that’s remarkable. In general, really many Koreans seem to live in Laos. And not only in Vientiane, but also in most other big cities. If you like Korean food, you’ll definitely find a suitable restaurant. And not just as far as South Korean cuisine is concerned. Of course, most Korean food in Vientiane comes from South Korea. But you even have the chance to taste North Korean food. If you interested, just go to the Pyongyang Restaurant.

Korean chicken

Korean chicken is unquestionably one of the best things Korean cuisine has to offer.  At least in our opinion. Korean style fried chicken has a very unique taste. Of course, it also depends on what kind of variety you choose. Basically, there is something for every taste. Including spicy and not spicy varieties. One thing we love about Korean chicken is that it is incredibly crispy. It’s a real pleasure to chew on the fried chicken skin. On our picture you can get an idea of what you can expect from the Korean chicken in Vientiane. The picture was taken at the K-CHICKEN, CHICKEN & HOF. We ordered two different varieties with fries. An order we don’t regret. It’s definitely worth checking out this Korean chicken restaurant. But there are also some others. Just look around. Korean chicken is pretty popular in Vientiane.

chicken and fries korean restaurant

Korean barbecue

You’ll find Korean barbecues everywhere in the world. Vientiane is no exception. Basically, you can assume that wherever there are Koreans, there are also Korean barbecue restaurants. Everything is grilled. From different meats to seafood actually everything. In addition, there are usually a lot of side dishes. And if you want, of course, one or two beers. In our opinion, alcohol is part of a barbecue anyway. But well, that is a matter of opinion.

barbecue grill with meat

Typical Korean food

The Korean chicken or Korean barbecues are certainly something typical Korean. However, it is usually nothing that Koreans eat every day. But rather on special occasions or to hang out with friends. The typical Korean food is more vegetarian (or vegan) and the Korean cuisine has really many vegetarian specialties to offer. If you like side dishes, you’ll like Korean restaurants. As a rule, there are many side dishes and sometimes they’re even free. A typical Korean restaurant would be the Hancook Korean Restaurant. It doesn’t only offer vegetarian specialties, but also sushi and even Korean barbecue. Definitely a good choice.

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Where to find Korean food in Vientiane

You shouldn’t have any problems finding Korean restaurants. Because as already mentioned, there are quite a lot of them in Vientiane. You can find them in many important places. The K-CHICKEN, CHICKEN & HOF and  Hancook Korean Restaurant for example, are both located near the Thai embassy in Vientiane. But actually you won’t have to search. Just drive around a bit and you’ll definitely see one or the other Korean restaurant.

How much Korean food in Vientiane costs

You won’t have to pay much for street food and generally Lao or Thai dishes. Korean food is a bit more expensive. There are even some restaurants that are really high priced. However, the prices are still much cheaper than, for example, in Europe or the US. For southeastern standards, the prices are quite high. But it depends on what you order. There are also cheap dishes. In the end, especially the choice of the restaurant is crucial. The Korean food in Vientiane is definitely good. After all, there are many Koreans and consequently a strong competition.

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