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The pharmacies are a great thing in Southeast Asia. They’ve saved us from going to the doctor so many times. On the one hand, pharmacists are generally well trained and have one or two useful tips. On the other hand, most drugs don’t need a prescription. If you need something, you can get it easily. That’s why we recommend to go to a pharmacy for minor ailments. Especially if you already know what you need. There aren’t that many pharmacies in Vang Vieng but for the size of the town there are more than enough. Some of them are even in rural areas. Where we had a motorcycle accident, for example, we got treatment in a pharmacy that was right next to a farm. We could clean our wounds and got some painkillers.

[dropshadowbox]The drugs in the pharmacies are super cheap. Especially if you get a friendly pharmacist. So money should never be a reason for not going to a pharmacy. Especially if you don't have a travel insurance (you really should have one) the pharmacies are a must. Just if it's too serious, you should call an ambulance or go to the hospital. In need of an ambulance call 1623.[/dropshadowbox]

How to find a pharmacy in Vang Vieng

Of course, you could simply open Google Maps and search for a pharmacy. But to be honest, we wouldn’t recommend that to you. You may need a lot longer than if you simply walk around.  There is no lack of pharmacies in the town.  At most outside the city, you may have problems finding a pharmacy. Well, in that situation a map won’t help you anyway. Yes, even with Google Maps you won’t find those pharmacies. Walking and looking around is definitely the best way. You’ll find what you need and if not, just ask someone.

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