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lamb meat with vegetables
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lamb meat with vegetables

Surprise, surprise there’s plenty of Lao food in Vang Vieng. No matter where you go, you’ll have a lot of choices when it comes to the local cuisine. And a big plus is that you’ll have to pay far less than for other types of food. However, at least on the street you’ll still often have to pay more expensive prices than the locals. But usually you won’t even notice since it’s still very cheap. Well, Lao food is delicious. There are many healty and delicious dishes. Including vegetarian and vegan options. If you like Thai food, you’ll most likely like Lao food too. Still, there are some differences between Lao and Thai food. It’s not exactly the same thing. You’ll notice that, for example, if you try a curry. But we don’t want to deal with this topic now, but rather take a closer look at the Laotian food in Vang Vieng.

Lao food in restaurants

You’ll find some Lao restaurants in Vang Vieng. However, many of them don’t only offer Lao food, but also sell other dishes. Often the menu includes things like french fries, burgers or spring rolls. This is mainly due to the fact that the menu has been adapted to the tourists. Nevertheless, you can also find many traditional dishes. Especially in the smaller restaurants. Just look for yourself where the Laotians eat. Then you’ll already know where you can find typical Laotian food. Most Lao restaurants are really cheap. This also applies to those who are more for tourists. Exceptions are almost only in the few upscale hotels. There are usually more fine restaurants where you can eat more expensive Lao food. Do these dishes taste better? A valid question. However, we believe it isn’t that much a difference. In addition, even the Lao food in these hotels isn’t that expensive. At least compared to western restaurants.

laotian dishes

Lao food in the markets

If you want a local experience it’s the best to get your food from the markets. There you’ll find a lot of Lao food and most of it isn’t even adapted to the western taste. You should especially know two markets. One is the night market in the Vang Vieng Walking Street that starts around sunset. You really can’t miss the market as the street runs right through the town. Well, this market is a bit more touristy. There are laotian people who buy things there but most of the customers are tourists. If you like it a little more authentic, you should get up early and go to the morning market. In the morning market, there are fresh fruits, fish, meat and other food. For the locals, this market is a popular place to buy food. In the morning market you get high quality food at reasonable prices. It is located at the place where you get dropped by your bus or van after arriving to Vang Vieng.

Lao food in the street

Yes, for sure there is a lot of street food in the markets. Still, we thought we should separate both. Because well, markets aren’t the only spot for street food. You can also find it in other places. Basically everywhere on the street. Just walk around a bit. The quality of the street food is quite good. We tried a lot and had no health problems. Vang Vieng relies on its tourists and the city is not that big. So, they really have no interest in scare you away. And since the locals also eat the street food, most vendors keep an eye on the quality. In any case, there are many delicious things. For example skewers, fried rice cakes and noodles. You should definitely try them. By the way, many street dishes may seem familiar to you if you have ever been to Isan in Thailand.

fried eggs with fries and meat

Where to find cheap Laotian food in Vang Vieng

You may have more difficulty in finding expensive Lao than cheap Lao food, eventually the local dishes are the cheapest in town. You’ll easily find something cheap. If you like the food, you can definitely save a lot of money. In general, the local cuisine is the best option if you want to eat cheap, healthy and good. If you are willing to pay a little more, you can get really good food for little money. For example, there is chopped steak with fries for just 45.000 Kip. That’s only about $ 5. And the best: The origin of the beef is Vang Vieng. Yeah, from one of the cows you see walking around. And damn those cows look healthy and tasty. Don’t they?

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