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vang vieng buggy tours

Renting a buggy it’s probably the best activity to start your trip in Vang Vieng. Not only is it a lot of fun, but you also see the incomparable landscape that surrounds the town. There are two different types of buggies that you can rent. They only differ in size. The smaller buggies can accommodate up to two people. The bigger ones are for up to four people. Driving a buggy really offers a lot of action.

The vehicles are ideal for the rough roads. Especially when it rains, fun is inevitable. Driving through the mud is really a great experience. You’ll get pretty dirty, but it’s absolutely worth it. You should only take care of your eyes so that no dirt gets in. We speak from experience. Whatever, we can really recommend the buggy tours in Vang Vieng. It was the first thing we did after arriving and we instantly felt in love with this beautiful town. Just look at our pictures and videos and you’ll understand why.

Where and how to rent a buggy in Vang Vieng

As with all activities, you can also rent a buggy anywhere. However, if you do it directly at the hotel, it may be a little more expensive than if you rent it outside. There is not much you need to consider if you want to rent a buggy. All you need is the money and a guarantee in case something goes wrong. Your passport is by no means necessary. They are already satisfied with your identity card or other kind of identification document. A driver’s license is not required but you should not rent a buggy if you can’t drive. We really advise against that. Driving a buggy is a lot of fun. But you should be able to do it. Otherwise you risk bad injuries. A buggy accident is really not funny. Especially since the health care in Vang Vieng could be better.

Incidentally, there is only one provider of buggies throughout Vang Vieng and it is just outside the town. So, apart from the price, it doesn’t matter where you rent your buggy. In the end, it all boils down to taking a tuk tuk to the buggy rental company anyway. Apart from choosing the buggy, you also have to decide how long you want to drive. If you choose the shorter tours of an hour or two, you’ll be driving around, but won’t have the chance to look at a place more closely. In the buggy tours of three or four hours, however, you can also take a closer look at some sights. An example would be the Blue Lagoon 3, where you can also swim a bit. By the way, you won’t drive all alone. For security reasons there’s always a guide who drives in front of you. But don’t worry. You can still drive a bit crazy. Just don’t drive too crazy.

buggy guide vang vieng

What you have to keep in mind when driving a buggy in Vang Vieng

Driving a buggy is a lot of fun and it’s not dangerous. Nevertheless, it can occasionally get a little rough. So be careful and don’t underestimate the roads and wilderness of Vang Vieng. Buggy accidents are rare. But they do happen. Mostly however they occur because tourists drive too fast. Don’t get us wrong. You can drive fast. Just don’t get too crazy and always keep in mind that you really shouldn’t have a serious accident in Vang Vieng. Otherwise you may be in trouble. Even if you have a travel insurance. Well, don’t let that unsettle you. We drove several times and had a lot of fun and we’re sure that you’ll too. So, just rent your buggy, explore this beautiful town and live the adventure!

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