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vang vieng lagoon kids

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous attractions in Vang Vieng. Maybe you have heard of it before. However, you can’t really speak of a Blue Lagoon, eventually there are quite a few. In total, there are even 6 Blue Lagoons. There’s definitely no shortage of natural springs in Vang Vieng. Well, what you should know about the Blue Lagoons? First of all, not all lagoons are the same. Second, the lagoons are not necessarily blue but that also depends on the weather. Especially in the rainy season, it may be that the lagoons have a greenish or muddy color. However, if you are lucky and come at the right time, you may well see beautiful aquamarine water. Which depends not only on the weather, but also on the respective lagoon.

[dropshadowbox]The numbering of the blue lagoons can be a bit confusing and sometimes even the drivers don't know which lagoon is which. Especially when it comes to the more secret ones (4,5 and 6) So, don't get bamboozled. Just pack your bathing clothes and prepare for an unforgettable experience. We are going to tell you everything we know about the Blue Lagoons 1 to 6. By the way, some lagoons have entrance fees but since they are really low (around $1) there's no need to think about it. Just bring some money. You'll need it anyway for the transport or food. [/dropshadowbox]

Some lagoons are more beautiful than others but they often are also more popular. Therefore there may be a lot of tourists. Maybe the lagoons are even overcrowded. Especially during the high season. But it depends. The blue lagoon 5, for example, is quite unknown, which is why you will find virtually no tourists there.  If you like it a bit quieter and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a big lagoon, you’ll feel comfortable there. Well, we already talked enough, so let’s take a closer look at some of the Blue Lagoons. In this way, you can better decide which of the lagoons appeals to you the most. Incidentally, there are so many natural springs in Vang Vieng that there are actually many more Blue Lagoons. If you are an adventurer, you’ll surely find one or another.

Blue Lagoon 1

The Blue Lagoon 1 is neither better in size nor in color than the Blue Lagoon 2 and 3. However, you can assume that you’ll find much more tourists here. Sometimes even whole buses come with Chinese and Korean tourists. Self-explanatory that it can get pretty crowded there. That’s why we don’t want to go into detail about this lagoon. It is the most famous, but by no means the best. Many locals think the same. We prefer the other natural springs, since they offer a better swimming experience. Well, there is a great thing here. You can fall into the water from a zip line at high speed. That’s a lot of fun.

Blue Lagoon 2

This lagoon is the most popular among the locals. You’ll see many Laos families with their children here, but there are also some tourists. Blue Lagoon 2 offers some rope swings and tree platforms to jump from. Not to mention all the other things you can discover here. Some highlights are for example a bridge between two trees and various cabanas for hanging around. This lagoon is not only ideal for adventurers, but also for families. The lagoon also offers a few restaurants. There is even a buffet here but you have to come in the morning, since it is a breakfast buffet. We can say that from experience. Actually we only came here for the buffet (as far as we know the only one in Vang Vieng) but since we came in the afternoon it was already closed. However, we didn’t starve. Among other things, we ordered a delicious ostrich sausage with chips. In our opinion, Blue Lagoon 2 is the best Blue Lagoon. You can definitely spend a few hours here.

vang vieng lagoon jump platform

Blue Lagoon 3

While the Blue Lagoon 2 is one of the hotspots among the locals, the Blue Lagoon 3 is one of the most popular places among tourists. But don’t worry. It’s by far not as crowded as Blue Lagoon 1 and therefore very recommendable. The place is definitely as good for swimming as the other lagoons. You also have tree platforms and rope swings. There are also rubber tubes, swings and ziplines. In addition there’s a possibility to rent life jackets. Although Blue Lagoon 3 isn’t deep, for small kids that’s a good thing. A special feature of the lagoon is a small waterfall outside the swimming area. Well, actually it’s not really a waterfall. Still, it’s quite nice and we think therefore it should be mentioned. In the picture below you can see what we’re talking about. By the way, there’s a cave located near this place: Tham Poukham Cave. If you’re ready for a small trekking tour through the jungle you should definitely go there. But beware. It goes quite far up. So you should not fall down. If you climb a little higher than where the cave is, you will also enjoy an excellent view. However, you have to be careful.

vang vieng waterfall lagoon

Blue Lagoon 4

If you’re going to the Tham Chang Cave you should visit Blue Lagoon 4, too. You really can’t miss it. The lagoon is directly under a bridge that you have to cross anyway if you want to go to the cave. This natural spring is quite unknown and therefore you usually won’t see many tourists here. However, normally there are a few locals swimming in the water. Especially young people. Blue Lagoon 4 isn’t really big but there’s still enough space for enjoying the water. The color of the water is usually really nice. If you like it calm this place is definitely a good choice.

vang vieng lagoon with rocks

Blue Lagoon 5

Blue Lagoon 5 is located near a pretty unknown cave called Num Bor Keo Cave. If you want to see the lagoon, you can also visit the cave. Actually you should really do that. Since there are pretty no tourists there, the lagoon is nearly untouched and really beautiful. Its aquamarine water is more clear than anywhere else. But well, the lagoon isn’t very big. Still, you can relax inside it and enjoy the clear water. At least you’re alone. This is something that is not the case with most other lagoons.

vang vieng lagoon cave

Blue Lagoon 6

To be honest we don’t know much about Blue Lagoon 6. We just didn’t want to disappoint you. However, we were never there and therefore can’t tell you much about it. What we do know, is that the lagoon is relatively unknown and there are usually few tourists there. Definitely a must if you want to see all the lagoons anyway.

How to get to the Blue Lagoons

The easiest way to go to the different lagoons is taking a tuk tuk and tell the driver to take you there. You can’t go wrong with that, and if you’re nice, you can usually easily negotiate the price. Especially if you want to rattle off several lagoons at once. Most riders have absolutely no problem waiting for you while you’re swimming. Another option is renting a motorbike or a bicycle. Personally we prefer the bicycle option but we aren’t the best drivers and had some accidents. Yeah, not only one…Still, you should be really careful if you rent a motorbike. The condition of the streets aren’t the best and during the rainy season it can get really rough. When the streets are full of mud, it’s not so easy not to slip. Whatever, it’s really nice driving around Vang Vieng and by doing so you’ll automatically find one or the other Blue Lagoon. That is practically inevitable.

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