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Vang Vieng has rightly earned its reputation as a party town and one of the main reasons for this are the numerous good bars. While many bars have closed in the past, that doesn’t change the fact that Vang Vieng is still a good place to party. Possibly the best in all of Laos. We would even go so far as to say that it is one of the best in South East Asia. And if you’ve ever partied in South East Asia, you know what that means. The only downside is that the bars close relatively early. Many bars close around midnight. Only in some cases they are open until around 1 a.m. Admittedly, this is not very late. Nevertheless, the bars in Vang Vieng are great and we’re sure that you’ll have a lot of fun. Provided, of course, that you like to party.

The bars in Vang Vieng have their own flair and are not comparable to those outside the town. However, this applies not only to Laos, but also to many other countries in the world. It’s not without reason that many tourists continue to come here only to celebrate. Of course, Vang Vieng has a lot more to offer. Anyway the bars simply remain a highlight. Having fun is somehow inevitable. Given the many bars, it’s of course not so easy to decide where to party. Therefore we’ve made a ranking of the best bars in Vang Vieng for you. Honestly we almost only hang out in our favourite bar anyway. We can really recommend it but maybe one of the other options appeals to you more.






Reggae Bar

Reggae, Chilled/Electro music

Chilling, relaxing

Drinks only
(food from outside is ok)

very comfortable "seats"

Viva Pub

Party music (loud)

Dancing, party

Drinks only
(food stalls very near)

often free shots/drinks, longest opening hours

Sakura Bar

Party music (loud)

Dancing, party

Drinks only (very cheap)

free shirts, popular among koreans

Gary's Irish Bar

Live music

Pool, ping pong, chatting

Food & drinks

opens very early, provides TV with sports

Full Moon Bar

can be chosen
(for little money)

Foosball, tying bracelets, pool

Food & drinks

very colorful interior and friendly atmosphere

Smile Bar

Chilled music

Relaxing, warming up

Food & drinks

Riverside bar,
closes earlier

Jaidee's Bar

Reggae, chilled music

Pool, foosball

Food & drinks (cheap)

open from early till late, Middle Eastern food

Space Bar

Reggae, electro music

Relaxing, chatting

Food & drinks

delicious food as it's connected to a restaurant

1. Reggae Bar

Our absolute favourite in Vang Vieng is the Reggae Bar. We really spent a lot of time here during our several trips to Laos. As the name suggests, reggae is played here. But not only. Other chilled music and electro are also part of the playlist. The bar is just perfect for chilling out and has a lot to offer. Just have a look at the versatile menu and we’re sure that you’ll find something you like. You don’t get food in the bar, but that’s absolutely no problem. It’s okay if you take food from outside. Nobody really cares about that. Just ask kindly. As long as you order something in the bar, you can basically bring as much food as you want. A special feature of the Reggae Bar is the fact that there are very comfortable “seats”. We don’t really know what it’s called, but basically you can also lie down on these seats. Really very cozy and perfect for a chilled round. Next time we’re there, we’ll take a picture for you.

As long as you behave and are friendly, you can expect to have a great time in the bar. We even saw people dancing on the tables without anyone bothering. In general, the bar staff are really friendly and helpful. We felt very comfortable there every time and even there are other great places in Vang Vieng the Reggae Bar is and remains our favourite.  You can also assume that the more you go, the better it gets. The Reggae Bar is great alone, as a couple or in a group. In general, it is always perfect if you like it a little more relaxing. Or to say it better: If you want to get wasted and prefer a relaxed atmosphere, this bar is definitely the best choice. If you want to go the Reggae Bar just watch out for the only Indian restaurant in town. The bar is right across the street. If these directions aren’t enough for you, you’ll find the bar between the Sakura Bar and the Viva Pub. You can also just ask. In any case, you can’t miss the bar. There is even a sign outside.

2. Viva Pub

If you love to dance, the Viva Pub is one of the best options in Vang Vieng. There are some peculiarities that you surely are going to be happy about. For example, it’s often the case that people are outside who encourage others to celebrate. They usually are employees of the bar and don’t just wave you over but offer you one or two shots for free. Furthermore, it’s also possible that you get free alcohol inside. Once we were there and they offered free beer, free whiskey and another free drink. As you can see, everything is done so that the party mood is good. Which of course doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be spending any money. Actually the Viva Pub isn’t a classic pub. To be honest it’s more kind of a club. You have a large dance floor and they almost exclusively play loud party music. The Viva Pub is one of the places that’s always full no matter what day. There are also food stalls right in front of the bar. If you need a tasty snack to keep going, you don’t have to walk far. The owners of the Viva Pub are also very friendly and that also applies to the people partying there. You pretty sure are going to enjoy Vang Vieng’s Viva Pub. By the way, it’s one of the last places to close at night.

3. Sakura Bar

While the Viva Pub’s clientele consists mostly of westerners, you can prepare for a hell of a lot of Koreans in the Sakura Bar. The Sakura Bar is similar in style to the Viva Pub. There is also a large dance floor here but in contrast to the Viva Pub there are a lot of tables. Here too there is predominantly party music. One of the key differences, however, are the famous shirts. If you order a certain alcohol set, you’ll get one of these shirts for free. The shirts usually all look the same, except for their colour. They all have the same saying on them: SAKURA BAR, DRINK TRIPLE, SEE DOUBLE, ACT SINGLE. If you spend a few days in Vang Vieng, you’ll surely see many people with those shirts. The Sakura Bar usually doesn’t offer free alcohol but you won’t have to spend a lot. The prices for drinks are really cheap and there are a lot of special offers. For example, you can order many shots at once at a great price. An easy and efficient way to get drunk. Definitely a good bar to get drunk, listen to loud music and dance.

4. Gary's Irish Bar

Possibly the best bar if you just want to have a drink and play pool or ping pong.  Gary’s Irish Bar is a fairly classic bar. You get live music and can watch sports on TV. A good thing is that there is a lot to eat here. The bar is also a restaurant and offers a wide variety of dishes and drinks. The bar is particularly popular among westerners but there are people of all nationalities here. Unlike most other bars, Gary’s Irish Bar opens early in the morning. Usually there’s always something going on. However, many people just come here to eat or to have a nice chat over a beer.

5. Full Moon Bar

This bar has nothing to do with the famous Full Moon Party in Thailand. Well, the atmosphere is still good and it’s a bar worth visiting. If you spend some money you usually can choose the music. So if the music doesn’t appeal to you, just spend a little more and choose some songs you like. The staff at the Full Moon Bar are generally always in a good mood and make your stay more pleasant. Also the owner is really attentive and helpful. You’ll definitely feel welcome here. The interior is very colorful and fits the name of the bar. If you want, you can also play a round of foosball or tie a string bracelet. All in all a stress free place with a friendly atmosphere.

6. Smile Bar

This bar is definitely a good place to chill out. However, you should be aware that it opens in the morning and closes earlier than the other bars. If you want to party at night, you have to find another place but for warming up the Smile Bar isn’t a bad choice. The nice thing is that this is a riverside bar. That contributes immensely to the atmosphere. You can calmly drink a beer and dip your toes in the river. Since the bar is also a restaurant there’s also something to eat. Not the best spot for partying but definitely a viable choice in the afternoon. To reach the bar you have to cross the footbridge. It’s directly on the other side. You can’t miss it.

7. Jaidee's Bar

Another bar in Vang Vieng that you should know is Jaidee’s Bar. The style of this bar is quite simple and reggae oriented. You can play pool or foosball. Both is free. This bar is one of the few that are open from early morning until late. Jaidee’s Bar offers friendly staff, cheap drinks and cheap food. You can definitely spend an hour or two here. No matter what time of day. Incidentally, the bar is one of the few places where there is Middle Eastern food. So if you fancy falafel and hummus, you should come here.

8. Space Bar

This bar is right next to the Reggae Bar and connected to the Tifalcony restaurant. For this reason, this place is also known as the Space Bar & Tifalcony Restaurant. Even if the bar can’t keep up with the Reggae Bar, it should be mentioned. You can also get wasted here. The atmosphere is good and the staff are friendly. Not to forget the delicious dishes. Including vegetarian ones. Anyway as already mentioned: Whatever you’re looking for, the Reggae Bar is the better choice.

This list of bars would actually be much longer. However, due to various incidents, many bars in Vang Vieng have been closed in the past years and we value a current list. When we came to Vang Vieng for the first time, some of the bars that we found online were already closed.  We want to spare you that. By the way, you can also leave us a comment and tell us your own opinion. Do you think another bar should be at the top?

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