frontside of patuxai monument
frontside of patuxai monument

Patuxai has many names. It is also known as Patuxai Victory Gate, Patuxai Victory Arch, Patuxai Victory Monument and Gate of Triumph. You should definitely visit this attraction when you are in Vientiane. Especially if you have a thing for architecture, culture and great views. From a distance, the monument is similar to the Paris Arc de Triomphe. However, once you get a little closer you will notice some differences. Patuxai has five towers that represent the five principles of coexistence and the five Buddhist principles. It has gateways on four sides and you can climb a spiral stairway to the observation deck of the tower. From there you’ll have an amazing view over the city. Especially at sunset, this is truly a great experience.

On the way up you will pass several levels. There you’ll find some merchants who sell all sorts of souvenirs. Including some really interesting things. If you’re looking for a nice souvenir for Vientiane, you’ll surely find it here. Don’t forget to look around. On the wall are a lot of impressive ornaments. Many of them show mythological creatures from Buddhism or Hinduism. The Victory Gate is also part of the Patuxai Park. So, you can combine a visit to the monument with a small walk in the park. In the park there is a beautiful garden donated by the Chinese. In general, the Chinese have had a large share of the surroundings of the Patuxai. They were also involved in the construction of the boulevard. The boulevard itself is already worth a visit. Not without reason, Patuxai is one of the best known landmarks in Vientiane. You will see a lot of tuk tuks in front of the entrance.

elephants in patuxai

History of Patuxai

The Patuxai Victory Gate is a war monument that was constructed between 1957 and 1968 to commemorate those who fought during World War II and for the independence of Laos. Since the fight for independence was fought against the French, it is somewhat surprising that the triumphal arch bears such resemblance to the Paris Arc de Triomphe. It is also interesting that the monument was built of american cement. It was a gift and intended to construct an airport. Well, the government obviously had other plans. Better for us. After all, the monument is one of the most beautiful in Laos. The Patuxai Victory Arch was designed by the laotian architect Tham Sayasthsena. He was able to prevail against all other architects with his designs. And rightly so, as we can see.

around the patuxai

How to get to Patuxai

Since Patuxai is located in the heart of Vientiane, you shouldn’t have trouble finding the place. Or to put it more concretely: Many roads lead to Patuxai. From the airport you can either take a bus, a taxi or a tuk tuk. If you have trouble finding your way around, just ask a local. Everyone knows Patuxai. Even if you can’t find anyone who speaks English, you’ll get to your goal. But that’s unlikely anyway. The taxi drivers and tuk tuks can usually always speak a few words.

Patuxai entrance fee

If you want to visit the Patuxai Victory Arch, you won’t need much money for entry. The entrance fee is only 3.000 Kip. That’s about 34 US cents. There are no hidden costs. However, if you want, you can buy some souvenirs.

What else to do around Patuxai

Since the Patuxai Monument is located in the center of Vientiane, you can do a lot here. You can walk around the park, buy something in the area, talk to other tourists, or relax in the Patuxai Cafe. The latter is about a 10-minute walk away.

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