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seafood phad thai with salad
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seafood phad thai with salad

Actually, we wouldn’t necessarily have to mention the Thai food separately. It is quite similar to the Lao food. However, there are some differences, which is why we decided to do that anyway. Especially since it is mainly the food from the north of Thailand that resembles the Laotian. We didn’t see something like dishes from the Thai south in typical Laotian restaurants. Also not in a modified form.  If you want such food, you’ll have to go to a typical Thai restaurant. Well, there are definitely quite a few Thai restaurants in Vientiane. Since Thailand is a neighboring country and even the Thai Embassy is located in Vientiane, that isn’t surprising. But in other Lao cities, there are way far fewer Thai restaurants.

Where to find Thai food in Vientiane

You won’t have a hard time finding Thai food in Vientiane. In whole Laos, you have it the easiest here. You just have to walk the streets and it is almost guaranteed that you’ll see a few Thai dishes. On the street, however, much has a more Laotian taste. This is partly due to the spices used by the locals. So, it’s hard to say if it really is Thai or more Laotian food. The same applies to the larger markets. Here you have but self-explanatory more choices.

If the Laotian taste doesn’t appeal to you, you can also find authentic Thai food. For that you just have to visit a Thai restaurant. A potential option would be the Bangkok Noi. The restaurant has an impeccable reputation. For many it is one of the best Thai restaurants in Vientiane. The selection is good, the quality of the food is good and everything is relatively cheap. Although a bit more expensive than most other Thai food. But you definitely don’t have to pay much. Well, still the Bangkok Noi is definitely not the only good Thai restaurant in Vientiane. There are definitely others.

thai curry with pork

Prices for Thai food in Vientiane

The prices for Thai food are not really different from those for Laos food. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, Thai food is definitely a viable choice. Even the good restaurants aren’t really expensive. At most, it will be expensive if you go to a western restaurant that also offers Thai food. Apart from that, Thai food is one of your cheapest food options. And in our opinion, it’s definitely worth the money. There are really many delicious dishes. You just have to order the right thing and find the right place.

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