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bowl of french fries with dip
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bowl of french fries with dip

Well, the fast food of Vang Vieng definitely deserves an extra topic. Believe it or not, Vang Vieng is literally a fast food heaven. As far as fast food is concerned, you’ll certainly not miss anything here. The fast food culture in Vang Vieng can even easily keep up with the one in Amsterdam. And well, if you ever been to Amsterdam, you know that isn’t easy. Not to mention that you even have more choices and it’s way cheaper. Sounds unbelievable but actually it’s the truth. There are baguettes filled with all kinds of ingredients, pizzas, hamburgers, fries, hot dogs, pancakes, falafel and much more. In front of the Viva Club, for example, you can try freshly prepared falafel with cheese. Just watch our video to increase your appetite.

Prices of the fast food in Vang Vieng

For what you get, fast food in Vang Vieng is really cheap. For a baguette with egg, meat, pate and salad, you even pay less than $ 5. And there are of course much cheaper things. The falafel in front of the Viva Club, for example, cost far less and are prepared freshly in front of your eyes. Generally you have a huge selection and none of it is really expensive. It only gets a bit more expensive when you go to the pizzerias. Well, for a stone oven pizza with an Italian taste it is by no means unjustified. Either way, if you like fast food and want to fill your stomach with unhealthy and super delicious food, you’ll definitely be happy in Vang Vieng. Just don’t get too crazy and eat too much or you may wake up with a bad stomach ache. Since everything is cheap it may happen. We’re speaking from experience.

Where to find fast food in Vang Vieng

You don’t find the fast food in Vang Vieng. It finds you and you really can’t avoid that. By every corner is at least one fast food stall. Delicious fast food that’s just waiting to get eaten by you. And the good thing is that many of these stalls are still open when everything else is closed. Just perfect for a midnight snack. In addition to the street stalls, you can eat fast food in many restaurants. Almost every restaurant has at least fries and burgers. Some even have a few more things. Not to mention the restaurants who have a huge selection of fast food. For example there’s one with blueberry bacon beef burgers and other fancy dishes.

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