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In our opinion, the nightlife in Vang Vieng is the best in all of Laos and we’re sure many others see it the same way. Sadly many places close relatively early. Apart from that, there is really nothing to complain about and there are also exceptions. You are more lucky on some days than on others. In any case, you’ll be happy here if you like to party. We promise you that. The nightlife in Vang Vieng is legendary for a reason and is considered one of the best in all of South East Asia. Of course we want you to have as much fun as we always had. Therefore you get all important information on our site. We hope you’re ready to party!


The bars in Vang Vieng are what defines the nightlife of the town. The fact that many bars have been closed in the past few years has changed only a little. There are all kinds of bars. Not only cozy ones, but also some with dance floors where you can party wildly. What makes the town’s bars so distinctive is the unique atmosphere. We can’t even really describe it. You’ll have to come here to find out what we’re talking about. To get a little taste, you can have a look at our list of the best bars. Certainly there is one that you’re going to like. No matter what kind of bar person you are, you’ll find what you’re looking for.


Strictly speaking, there are almost no clubs in Vang Vieng but two of the most famous bars can be counted as clubs. Because both the Viva Pub and the Sakura Bar have a fairly large dance floor and when it’s full, almost everyone dances there. Therefore it wouldn’t be that wrong to designate them as open air clubs. Strictly speaking, there’s only one club. We’re talking about the Heart Beat Club. In contrast to the bars, it’s not in the town centre and attracts a different clientele. We wrote a little article about the club. If you want to know more about the club, just check it out. However, we would recommend you go to the bars. These should suit your taste more. Especially if you want to celebrate with other tourists.

Open air parties

Do you like electronic music and want an alternative to the Full Moon Party in Thailand? Then you should visit the open air parties in Vang Vieng. Although smaller, they are no way inferior to those in Thailand. The most famous one is the Jungle Project. The party takes place in the great outdoors and has a lot to offer. There are good DJs, body paint, fire limbo and an amazing crowd. It’s easy to make new friends and you’ll surely find everything you are looking for. You can also expect the party to go on until the wee hours of the morning. So it’s a little different from the rest of Vang Vieng. Unfortunately the Jungle Project only takes place on Friday night. If you want to save a little money you can buy a pre-sale ticket at Milan Pizza.  Then you’ll pay 30.000 Kip instead of 40.000 Kip. Either way it’s cheap and worth it. If you want a nice outdoor rave that’s where you go.

Is partying in Vang Vieng expensive?

We can say with a clear conscience that partying in Vang Vieng isn’t expensive. However, that doesn’t change the fact that you can spend a hell of a lot of money partying. It really depends on what you’re after. Most is really cheap. That also applies for alcohol. You don’t have to pay much for it. There is even free alcohol in some places. In addition, there is almost no entrance fee anywhere, and even if it is, it’s not very high. Still, you can easily overdo it. Sometimes we got out of control and spent way too much. Still, partying is really cheap. At least cheaper than in most other places in the world. When we party the same way in other places, we quickly spend twice or three times the amount we spend in Vang Vieng. Definitely an amazing town to get wasted without hurting your pocket too bad.

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