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There aren’t many typical clubs in Vang Vieng. If you don’t include the Sakura Bar and the Viva Pub, there is actually only one. We’re talking about the Heart Beat Club, which most tourists in Vang Vieng may never have heard of. The Heart Beat Club is not aimed at tourists, but locals from Vang Vieng. If you need some change from the lively bar scene, this club is an option.

Heart Beat Club in Vang Vieng

The Heart Beat Club has a completely different atmosphere than the bars in the town. It’s comparable to the clubs in Vientiane. Generally it’s a typical asian nightclub. Most of the visitants are Laotians. In fact, it’s actually the only place where you’ll see lots of locals partying. If you want to chat with locals and get to know the typical Laotian club scene better, you can go here. Well, you have to behave in any case. Always be polite and don’t behave inappropriately. Otherwise you could get problems. The music here is typical asian club music. You can rent tables, order bottles and sing karaoke. However, hardly any people come to the club during the week. So you should only come here on weekends.

Is the Heart Beat Club expensive?

Compared to the other locations in Vang Vieng, the club is quite expensive. You can compare the prices roughly with those of the moderately expensive clubs in Vientiane or Bangkok. If you like to party cheaply, you’d better go somewhere else. Especially if you rent a table and buy bottles, it can get expensive. In our opinion, without it, it’s not really fun. So if you want to come here, you should bring some money.

How to go to the Heart Beat Club?

Unlike most other locations, this club isn’t in the town centre. You’ll have to take a tuk tuk if you want to come here. Just tell the driver the name of the location and he’ll surely know the way. Incidentally, the club is very close to the Jungle Project that takes place every friday. If the club doesn’t appeal to you, you have an alternative in the immediate vicinity. At least on Fridays.

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