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indian fruit lassi

Well, Indian food isn’t exactly what most people would associate with Vang Vieng. For a good reason: There is only one Indian restaurant in the town. The restaurant is called Nazim Indian Restaurant and it’s a family run restaurant. If you look at the reviews, you’ll find many bad ones. Personally, we don’t think so, as we have mostly had good experiences. We only ate there once and since it was not the season, we were alone in the restaurant. Of course that could have been the reason why we were received very friendly and the food was delicious. Anyway, we had no reason to complain. Just look at the pictures and you’ll understand why. Everything was well prepared, really tasty and the waiter who served us was really friendly. We talked to him pretty long and it was a worthwhile experience.

indian restaurant curries and rice

Cost of Indian food in Vang Vieng

The Nazim Restaurant isn’t expensive for a foreign Indian restaurant. The other Indian Restaurants we know in Thailand and Laos are more expensive. Nevertheless, the restaurant is of course relatively expensive. But these are other foreign restaurants too. The local food is simply cheaper. As in many other countries too. However, you can really order a lot without having to fear a high bill. In addition to food, there are of course typical Indian drinks. Especially mango lassis are super tasty.

samosas vang vieng

How to find the Nazim Indian Restaurant

The easiest way to find the restaurant is to go where the Reggae Bar and Viva Club are. Especially at night you’ll have it very easy to get to the two places. That’s because you can hear the music from Viva Club from afar. The restaurant is at the opposite of the Reggae Bar. You really can’t miss it.

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