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wild jungle zip line

Zip lining is one of the most fun activities in Vang Vieng and you should really try it. It is safe and still offers a lot of action. Also, the zip lines are right over the jungle. This makes the whole thing even more adventurous and an adrenaline rush is inevitable. It goes very far down and all you’ll see below are trees. So, actually you don’t even really know how far it goes down. A great thing about the zip lining in Vang Vieng is that you go from one zip line to the next. And believe us. There are a damn lot of them in Vang Vieng. In addition, there are also some other activities that complete the whole experience. For example, as you go from one spot to the next, you’re walking over narrow wooden footbridges in the air. Sounds fun? It is and we really enjoyed Zip Lining in Vang Vieng. By the way, the activity is also great for families with children. As long as they aren’t too small and have enough courage, it’s fine.

[dropshadowbox]There are many monkeys in the jungle of Vang Vieng. One reason why you usually don't see them are the zip lines. Or to put it more precisely: The noise of the zip lines. It scares them and they stay away.[/dropshadowbox]

Is Zip lining in Vang Vieng safe?

You don’t have to worry about your safety. However, it’s important that you follow the instructions of the guides. Otherwise, it could happen that you hurt yourself. However, this is generally very unlikely. Especially, as already mentioned, if you listen to the guides. You won’t fall down anyway. If anything happens, then only because you slam into the end of the line. In our opinion you can’t hurt yourself seriously, unless you act really stupid. We did ziplining with larger groups several times and really, absolutely nothing ever happened to anyone. Also not to the children or older people. And one more thing: You have safety equipment throughout the activity. So it’s virtually impossible for you to fall down. However, you should be careful when taking photos. Because if your phone falls down, it’s lost in the deep jungle and you’ll never see it again. That’s something you really have to be aware about. Quite a few tourists have dropped their brand new iPhone and then shed bitter tears.

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Where you can do zip lining in Vang Vieng

If you decided to go zip lining, you’ll easily find a suitable tour. And that’s actually all you have to do. Just walk a bit around, find a place that appeals you and book your tour there. But actually you don’t even have to walk much. You can also book a tour at the hotel. If you just want to do zip lining, that’s usually possible too. However, it is worth the money, if you book further activities. Most places offer you to combine different activities with each other. There are half-day and full-day tours. And the good thing is that they aren’t expensive. Especially if you book locally. However, if you would like to have everything done before your vacation, you can also book online. It’s still cheap.

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