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Vang Vieng is a town in the north of the Vientiane province. It is quite touristy and known as a famous party destination. Well, although Vang Vieng is quite suitable for partying, there is much more to discover here. You also should visit it, if you aren’t much into partying. There are plenty of outdoor-oriented activities and much more to discover. The nature in Vang Vieng is really something special. And since there are fewer tourists here than in the tourist destinations in Thailand, you’ll also find some nearly untouched places. An interesting thing is that there are far more tourists than locals, especially during the season. The number of locals is around 25.000. And there are also backpackers who have been living in Vang Vieng for a long time. If you add these, the number of inhabitants would be much higher.

Is Vang Vieng an expensive town?

As is the case with the rest of Laos, Vang Vieng is more expensive than most cities in the neighbouring countries. Because here too there isn’t much industry. Most things are imported, causing prices to skyrocket. Not to mention that as a tourist you’ve to pay more anyway. You should also understand that the economic situation is not optimal. So don’t haggle too hard. It could be rude. Still, we don’t think Vang Vieng is an expensive city. There are cheap accommodations, cheap food and the activities aren’t too expensive. The same applies to nightlife. Alcohol is really not expensive. Even if you drink a lot, you don’t normally have to pay a lot. Especially since there is often free alcohol. Yes, you heard right. Vang Vieng also has free alcohol. And even if there is no free alcohol, you can still order a lot of shots. There are some offers that are super cheap and will definitely make you drunk.  Still, Vang Vieng has the potential to be expensive. After all, there are also expensive restaurants and expensive accommodations.

Things to do in Vang Vieng

You certainly won’t get bored in Vang Vieng. We fell in love with the town for a reason. There is so much you can do here. The lagoons and caves alone are reason enough to come to Vang Vieng. Well, these are really only a fraction of what there is to discover here. If you are adventurous and like nature, you’ll love this mountain town. Now that the number of tourists has decreased, it is even more worth visiting Vang Vieng. It’s far less crowded and if you come outside the season, you won’t see nearly any tourist here. Not to mention the parties, of course. If you like to party, you’ll have plenty to do every night.

Airports in Vang Vieng

There is no airport in Vang Vieng and there probably won’t be any in the future. So if you want to come here you’ll have to take a bus or van. The same applies if you want to go from Vang Vieng to another tourist destination. Due to the fact that there is no airport, it takes a bit longer to go from one place to another. The good thing is that you see a little more of the country and have the opportunity to talk to other people while driving. If you’re a talkative person, that’s definitely a good thing.

Bars and restaurants in Vang Vieng

We love the food here and probably you’ll too. You can’t even imagine how many options you have. There are a lot of good food stalls and restaurants here.  Not to mention the morning and night market, where you can find a lot of culinary delights. However, we don’t want to anticipate too much. There are a lot of good restaurants here. If you want to know more, just check our section about the food in Vang Vieng. There you’ll find everything about the local and foreign cuisine in this town. When it comes to bars, you won’t be disappointed here anyway. There are really great bars here and we’re sure you’ll find one that you like.

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