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Why you have to try the baguettes in Laos

When you visit a country, you naturally want to have culinary experiences too, and in Laos the baguettes are simply part of it. You can’t travel to Laos and don’t try any of the baguettes. Believe us, it’s really worth it. The baguettes aren’t only cheap, they’re also really tasty. You shouldn’t have a hard time finding them, since there are baguette stalls practically everywhere in Laos. Many offer a variety of well-filled baguettes. If you’re hungry and need a snack in between, there’s hardly anything better. The baguettes from Laos are a real insider tip. There are many who believe that there are no better sandwiches in the world. Just try them and find out by yourself.

What makes Lao baguettes so special:

Khao Jee Pâté

The most famous sandwich from Laos is called Khao Jee Pâté. Khao Jee Pâté is a found nearly everywhere in Laos. Its traditional filling consists of a range of vegetables, pork lunch meat, chopped ham and Lao pâté. The pâté is made of pork liver and really delicious. For this reason alone it’s worth trying the sandwich. We can really suggest to try the pate. If you aren’t vegetarian and currently traveling in Laos, it’s a must. There are many variations of this famous sandwich in Laos. You can also find them in touristy areas. Believe us, you can’t imagine how amazing the sandwiches are. We would even say that the baguettes in Laos are one of the best culinary specialties of the country. Of course, it must be noted that Khao Jee Pâté was inspired by French cuisine. It’s one of the few major culinary influences from the colonial period.

baguette snack

How to prepare a typical Laotian sandwich

If you want to make a Khao Jee Pâté yourself, you can easily do it. You should be able to find most of the ingredients without any problems. The only ingredients thate are hard to find are the spices and especially the pâté. You can also use another pork liver pâté but that would make the dish less authentic. However, the preparation itself is quite simple and not much different from other sandwiches. First of all you have to split the baguette length-ways. After that you spread a thick layer of pâté on the bread. At the end you fill all the ingredients in and add (if you like it spicier) some chili sauce. That’s actually all you have to do, to enjoy your self-made Laotian sandwich.

Where to find the best Lao baguettes

Since there are really a lot of baguette stalls in Laos, it’s difficult to say where to find the best baguettes  in the country. Nevertheless, we’re personally particularly fond of one place when it comes to baguettes. We’re talking about Vang Vieng, where you can really get some of the best baguettes from Laos. There are many different types of sandwiches. You can look forward to a huge selection. Whatever filling you want for your baguette, you can assume that you’re going to find it. Not to mention all those fancy sandwich creations that are definitely worth a try.

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