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Everything important about the hair salons in Vientiane

haircut vientiane

Maybe you’re thinking about having a hair cut on vacation. If that’s the case, you can definitely do that in Vientiane. There are several hair salons in the city, where you can cut your hair or enjoy some beauty treatments. In Laos it’s not uncommon for hair salons to be a part in beauty salons. At least for those who are primarily aimed at women. We can say from experience that hairdressers in Laos generally do a good job. So you don’t have to be afraid to visit a hair salon in Vientiane. Problems could only arise with communication. Probably none of the hairdressers speaks your language. But since there are pictures for that, you should be fine.

[dropshadowbox]The essentials in brief:

– There are quite a few hair salons in Vientiane
– A cheap haircut is available from just $ 5
– Many beauty salons have their own hairdressers
– Prices may vary depending on location
– Most hair salons are primarily aimed at women
– Men should look for a experienced barber
– Rumor has it that the best Lao hairdressers come from Vientiane [/dropshadowbox]

Costs for a haircut in Vientiane

The prices of the hair salons in Vientiane aren’t too expensive. Most salons are quite cheap and probably cheaper than in your home-country. You can get a haircut for as little as $ 5 to $ 7. However, some places may be relatively expensive. Usually that’s only the case with the better beauty salons. The typicals hairdressers on the streets rarely charge much. Anyway, it always depends on what you want. If you’re demanding when it comes to your hair and would rather rely on a stylist, beauty salons such as the Dahlia Beauty Salon & Spa could be a good choice for you.

hair wash vientiane

Where to find a hair salon in Vientiane

The easiest way to find a hair salon in Vientiane is to look for it in the city center, near the markets or at the more touristy areas. You can expect to be able to cut your hair both during the day and at night. There are even salsons that are only open in the late evening. In the capital and other major cities of Laos there’s absolutely no shortage of hairdressers. Just walk around and you’ll surely find a location that you like. Even in rural areas there’s usually always at least one hair salon.

Did you already have experiences with hairdressers in Vientiane? Share them with us! Just leave a comment to tell us your opinion. We and our readers appreciate it.

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