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Where to do yoga in Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng is just wonderful for yoga. A small town in the mountains, surrounded by nature, you couldn’t ask for a better atmosphere. If you aren’t familiar with yoga or you just don’t want to do it alone, you may be wondering whether there are yoga classes in Vang Vieng. We’re glad to confirm that that’s the case. There’s a studio called Yoga in Vang Vieng (not hard to remember) that offers indoor and outdoor courses all year round. The studio is aimed at both beginners and experienced yogis, so you should feel comfortable in any case.

How to find the studio

Yoga in Vang Vieng is located directly at the river. You’ll just have to walk a few minutes from the Sakura Bar in its direction. Sooner or later you’ll see the Silver Naga Hotel or the Vang Vieng Gym. Then you’re already as good as there. Just take a look around or ask a passerby and you should find the studio.

Reasons for doing yoga in Vang Vieng

There are some reasons to practice yoga in Vang Vieng and do yoga in general.

Some of those reasons are:

[dropshadowbox]– Vang Vieng simply offers the perfect atmosphere for yoga
– Yoga is a great way to reduce stress
– Taking yoga lessons in Vang Vieng is really cheap
– Yoga is a wonderful addition to adventure travel
– Practicing yoga helps the body detoxify [/dropshadowbox]

Yoga has quite some advantages and is good for our mind and soul. If you’re interested, we recommend to do it in Vang Vieng. The conditions are great and it’s an amazing experience for little money.

Prices for yoga lessons

yoga in vang vieng

A big advantage of the yoga classes in Vang Vieng is their  price. Where you come from, a yoga class is likely to cost more. In Vang Vieng the prices are pretty cheap. The current price of the studio is $ 10 per hour. If you’re willing to take a bigger package with 10 classes, the price per class decreases to $ 6 per hour and In total you’ll only have to pay $ 60. There are also other packages. Just take a look at the picture. By booking a yoga class you also get access to the pool. Since Laos is a hot country, you may want to refresh yourself.

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