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Lao sausage – everything you should know about this hearty delicacy

When you are in Laos, you’ll see that there are all sorts of delicious things. And that practically on every corner. No matter if you want to eat in a restaurant, at the market or at a small food stall on the street, there are plenty of choices. However, the Lao sausages are among the best food in the country. We love their hearty taste and we’re sure you’re going to love it too. Got curious? Then we guess you should continue reading our article. We’re going to tell you where to find Lao sausages, what different type of sausages exist and how to make a certain type of Lao sausage by yourself. We hope you’re hungry! Let’s start.

Different types of Lao sausages

There are several types of Lao sausages but in our opinion the most important are the Sai Oua and the Sai Kork. Both are quite different from most of the other sausages in the world and have a very unique taste. If you’re in Laos they’re a must try.

Sai Oua

This sausage is popular in all parts of Laos and also found in the north of Thailand. It’s a spicy sausage made of pork and infused with local herbs and spices. If you don’t like spicy food probably another Lao sausage is better for you. Nevertheless you should try Sai Oua at least once in your life. Especially since the sausages sold at the more touristy markets, usually are adjusted in taste. Most locals eat Sai Oua alongside sticky rice. There’s no doubt that both dishes fit very well.

Sai Kork

Sai Kork is quite similar to Sai Oua, although in our opinion it isn’t that spicy. This doesn’t seem to affect its popularity. The sausage is well known throughout Laos. Just ask any local and they’ll surely know, where you can find this Lao sausage. Sai Kork is also made of pork and infused with different local herbs and spices. There are different ways to prepare this sausage. Sometimes it’s even sold uncooked at stalls. In that case we recommend to grill it and serve it with some spicy dipping sauces.

Our favorite Sai Oua recipe (for 4 people)

Among Laos sausages the Sai Oua is probably the most outstanding one. The taste is really intense and we know of no country where you can eat comparable sausages. If they’re the best? Well, that’s a matter of opinion. Anyway we want to show you our favorite recipe for Sai Oua. We’ve no doubt you’re going to like it. Enjoy!

Preparation time: 20 to 30 minutes (+ 24 hours)

Cooking time: 12 to 15 minutes

[dropshadowbox]– 250 g minced pork shoulder
– 1 coffee spoon of lemongrass
– ½ coffee spoon of cilantro
– ½ coffee spoon of chilies
– ½ coffee spoon of salt
– 1 soup spoon of fish sauce
– 2 kaffir lime leaves
– coconut or maize oil for frying
– some sausage skin casings
– ½ shallot [/dropshadowbox]

First step:

 First of all you’ve to chop the lemongrass, the cilantro and the chilies. After that you’re going to mix the pork, the fish sauce and all the herbs and spices. If you want to do it the traditional way, you’ve to use your hands for the mixing. Just be sure to wash your hands before the process, since it’s always better to cook in a hygienic way.

 Second step:

 Now you’ve to fill the skin casings with the mixture. After that you can shape them into balls or another shape, depending on what you prefer. Be sure to tie the skin casings with a string, otherwise the filling may fall out.

 Third step:

 After you filled the sausage skin casings, you’ve to let them dry for at least 24 hours. It’s important that you don’t skip this step and let the filled casings dry. Otherwise you’re going to have a horrible texture. Probably you won’t even be able to cook the sausages.

 Fourth step:

 Now everything should be dry and you can continue with the fourth and final step. For that you heat the oil on high heat in a frying pan. Make sure you cook the sausages from both sides and for around 12 to 15 minutes. As soon as the sausages take on a golden brown color, they should be ready.

Where you can find original Lao sausages

Outside of Laos it isn’t easy to find Lao sausage, since Laotian restaurants are far less common internationally than for example Thai restaurants. So if you want to try this delicacy you’ll have to come to Laos. But we guess you’re planning on do so anyway. If you’re in Laos you definitely won’t have a problem finding sausages. Actually Lao sausages are nearly everywhere. Especially in the markets you can be sure that there’s at least one stall selling them. As you can see in the picture you usually have quite a selection. The picture was taken at a side street of the market in Luang Prabang and trust us – it was by far not the only stall offering sausages and other local delicacies. So if you’re craving for Lao sausage just head to the nearest market. Otherwise you may also find them at the restaurants, although not every restaurant has it on the menu.

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