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Vientiane massage — experience the best massage in Vientiane

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In terms of wellness, Laos is definitely a good place in Southeast Asia. There are many options in the capital. The traditional Laos massages in Vientiane are particularly popular. It’s not surprising. They’re simply an excellent way to relax and leave the stressful everyday life behind. The prices for traditional massages in Vientiane are cheap and the quality offered is above average. We would even say that the massages in Vientiane are equivalent to those in Bangkok. And we’re speaking from experience, since we had various massages in both capitals.

Where to find the best massage in Vientiane

We’ve tried many massages in Vientiane during our lifetime. Therefore, it’s of course not so easy for us to say which is the best massage in Vientiane. Really, there are always many criteria that need to be considered when evaluating a massage. You shouldn’t just look at the price. A massage isn’t just about relaxation alone, but also other benefits for your health. Don’t worry now. This doesn’t mean that you have to pay a lot for a massage in Vientiane. Even quality massages are really not that expensive. A recommendation from our side would be the Dahlia Beauty Salon & Spa in Vientiane. If you’re looking for a Vientiane massage spa this is the place to go. You get a high-quality massage at a reasonable price, which you can also book online. Making an appointment is easy and you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of a traditional Laotian massage.

All in all, it’s not difficult to find a massage in Vientiane. There are a few massage parlors practically everywhere. Maybe a few hundred in total. So you don’t even need to book a massage in advance. Just look around and you’ll surely find what you’re looking for. Especially in the more touristy areas. Anyway, if you’re interested in our recommendation and want to enjoy a high-quality massage, we highly advise to book in advance. Otherwise the Vientiane massage and spa may be overbooked. It wouldn’t be the first time, since it’s a well known establishment in the capital and a lot of locals go there.

Different types of massages in Vientiane:

What you can expect from a traditional Lao massage

A traditional Laotian massage can take some time getting used to. The massages have a reputation for being firm and steady, which means that you may experience a little pain. The pain comes from the fact that the masseuse focuses her body weight on individual points and exerts pressure there. Over time, however, it is common for you to get used to it. The more massages you treat yourself to in Laos, the more pleasant it’ll be. Traditional Lao massages are really helpful for mental recovery and physical health. In Laos it’s typical for you to receive pajamas while massaging. The prerequisites are wonderful to get some rest. Probably you’ll even fall asleep during the massage.

The health benefits of traditional Laotian massages are very diverse. Since massages release tensions in the body, this can contribute immensely to general relaxation and even counteract pain. Massages can also help with various diseases. However, since we don’t want to make any medical statements here, we won’t go more into detail. For the massage experience to be as pleasant as possible, you should definitely choose the right type of massage. In addition to the traditional massage in Laos, there are many more. In the end, what’s best depends on what you want to achieve with the massage. If you’ve neck pain, you obviously need a different massage than for foot pain.

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Communication in the massage parlors

Unfortunately, we’ve to say that the staff in many massage parlors speak little or no English. Only Lao, Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese are common languages. Of course, this can make communication difficult. However, communication is possible. A sign with the different massages probably hangs outside anyway. Just point to a specific massage and they’ll know what you want straight away. If extensive communication is important to you, for example because your pain is difficult to explain, you might want to go to a spa in Vientiane. It’s common there for employees to speak English. So you shouldn’t have any difficulty communicating. By the way, the masseuses are always very friendly. This naturally contributes to a more relaxed communication.

Other health and beauty treatments in Vientiane

Massages aren’t by far the only wellness treatment in Vientiane. When it comes to relaxation, the Southeast Asian capital has no need to hide. In addition to massages of all kinds, you can also get hair cuts and treatments, fish spas, facial and body waxing and eyelash extensions. Such beauty offers are of course not available with every massage establishment in Vientiane. In such cases, we recommend visiting a spa. In particular the larger spas offer a variety of wellness offers.

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What about soapy massages?

In our article we only refer to traditional massages. Nevertheless, it’s a fact that there are happy massages in Laos. If you’re interested in such a massage, it’s better if you look around a little at night or ask a tuk tuk driver. Just don’t ask for it at a typical massage parlor. Otherwise, this could be perceived as rude.

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