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Alcohol in Laos

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Alcohol is drunk in Laos. This doesn’t only apply to party-loving tourists, but also to many locals. The consumption of alcohol is very common. Especially on special occasions, it’s usually customary to drink a lot. In Laos, alcohol is drunk by adolescents, adults and the elderly. There are two types of alcohol that are particularly popular and local specialties. We’re talking about Beerlao and Lao Lao. Both types of alcohol are also known outside of Laos. As we mentioned in an earlier post the Lao Lao is about to conquer the Japanese market. Not to mention Beerlao that is exported to a lot of countries, including the USA and UK.


We believe Beerlao is one of the best beers in Southeast Asia. Of course, it must be said that there is a range of beers produced by the Lao Brewery Company. They’re all own varieties but known as Beerlao. The different varieties are called Beerlao Original, Beerlao Light, Beerlao Dark, Beerlao Gold and Lanexang. Beerlaos is made from hops, yeast and locally grown Laotian jasmine rice. The hops and yeast are imported from Germany. The famous beer is undisputed the most popular type of beer in Laos and also internationally known. Not only is it exported to many countries. It has also won several awards. The Laotians are very proud of their beer. Quite right. You should definitely give it a try. The beer is surprisingly delicious and rightly one of the best in Southeast Asia.

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Lao Lao

If you like cheap and strong alcohol, Lao Lao might be something for you. But be prepared for a high alcohol level, since the Laotian rice whiskey is a strong drink. The taste is not for everyone but over time you get used to it. And somewhere it’s always about quality. If you buy a more expensive spirit, you can also assume that it’s better and has a better taste. Lao Lao is usually drunk on festive occasions. It’s very popular among the locals but also known internationally. Especially in the Asian market there’s a demand for the alcohol. In Japan, among others, there are some people who like to drink Lao Lao. In addition, it can be assumed that demand in China will increase. With the expansion of the planned train connection to China, completely new possibilities will arise. However, due to the taste that takes getting used to, like it’s with the Chinese baijiu, it’s questionable whether the drink is well received in Western countries.

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