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Bike rentals in Vang Vieng — what you have to know

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We think it’s really worth renting a bike in Vang Vieng. You hardly spend any money, do something good for the environment and can explore the surroundings in peace and quiet. Since there are some bike rentals in Vang Vieng, you should also have no problem finding a suitable lender. Just have a look around the town center and you should find a bike rental immediately. As a rule, you can also ask for help in your hotel. In most hotels it should be possible to rent a bike without any problems. And if not, the staff will point you in the right direction.

What to expect from the rental bikes

You won’t find any special bikes at most bike rentals. There are usually only a few older bikes. However, these are functional and you can at least drive with them. But since we have also seen good mountain bikes, you can certainly rent good bikes. You should just assume that you’ll have to search a little longer. Most bike rentals only offer old bicycles. Furthermore, the good bikes are of course very popular. Especially in the high season it can happen that the best bikes are all already rented out. So it’s worth getting up early. Maybe you’re lucky and find a good mountain or racing bike.

Prices of the bike rentals in Vang Vieng

Unfortunately we can’t remember exactly how much we paid to rent bicycles. However, we still know very well that it really wasn’t much. You won’t have to bargain for a cheaper price. How much you pay in the end depends not only on the rental itself, but also on the bike you rent. You usually pay a little more for good bikes. But there are not many of them anyway. The old bicycles are inexpensive in any case.

Are the bike rentals trustworthy?

Personally, we’ve never heard of a case where people rent bikes in Vang Vieng and after had problems. For example, because it was alleged that the bicycles were damaged and that a repair is necessary. Such scams are not uncommon in Asia. In Vang Vieng, however, we’ve never experienced anything comparable. Besides, we don’t know anyone who has it. So you shouldn’t have any trouble. However, if you’ve had a bad experience, please leave us a comment. We and our readers would like to hear more about it.

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