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ATM machines in Vang Vieng

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If you need an ATM in Vang Vieng, you shouldn’t have any problems. Although the city center is relatively small, there are quite many ATMs there. An ATM, for example, is located directly near the bars of Vang Vieng.  Just walk around the area a bit or ask a local and you’ll quickly find what you are looking for. There is no shortage of ATMs, but occasionally one or the other machine may not work due to maintenance. Furthermore, the machine may not accept international cards. However, this is very unlikely in Vang Vieng as it is a popular tourist destination.

You should also be aware that every time you withdraw money there’s a fee. How much you have to pay, can vary from ATM provider to ATM provider. Usually it isn’t too high. At least we never felt scammed or something like that. There are a lot of tourist areas around the world where ATMs charge much more. All in all, we can say that you shouldn’t have any problems with the ATMs in Vang Vieng. Personally, we’ve only had good experiences so far.

Alternatives to withdrawing money at Vang Vieng ATMs

In theory, you do not have to withdraw money from the ATM machine and can save yourself the fees. You just have to take enough cash with you and simply change it on site if necessary. However, the residents of Vang Vieng are relatively open to foreign currencies. In many places, you can pay with dollars or Thai baht. Since the prices in Vang Vieng are usually given in kip, it can be more convenient to change your cash . This is possible at any time in the exchange offices in Vang Vieng. You often even get relatively good courses. For example, we once had the experience that we exchanged Thai baht and got a better exchange rate than the one displayed on the Internet.

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